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Furniture is not cheap. Even used furniture can cost you a small fortune. If you get a stain, chip, or crack in your favorite chair or table, you may think the piece is beyond repair. However, repairing your furniture instead of replacing it can be an affordable option. The cost of hiring a Number2project to repair your damaged piece of furniture isn’t as high as you might expect. There are many affordable options out there for anyone looking to repair their old pieces instead of buying new ones. If your furniture has been damaged and you’re wondering whether it can be repaired instead of replaced, this blog post will help you identify the best local furniture repair company so that you don’t have to go somewhere far away from home just to have them fix the problem. Keep reading to discover the best places to look when trying to find a nearby local business that specializes in repairing furniture — hopefully, one that doesn’t charge too much!

We at Number2project Mobile Furniture Repair Company specialize in all types of furniture repair, from recliner repair to high-end dresser repair damaged during your recent move. We are the only company to offer a six months warranty on all of our furniture repairs. From reclining chairs to tables, we repair it all. If you have a broken recliner, a wobbly table, or any other piece of furniture that needs fixing, we are ready to help you. We repair all types of furniture, and we can help with any problem. Whether you need us to repair a small cosmetic issue or a major structural problem, we have the expertise to help you. We will deliver expert repairs for your electric or manual recliner. We provide our in-house services on very short notice and schedule service at your convenience.
Our reputation speaks for itself. We are currently the highest-rated Furniture Repair Company on Google and have perfect five-star reviews on Yelp. We are a family-owned business. We are committed to providing you with the best service possible. We are committed to providing you with the best service possible. We have always made sure that our customers are happy and satisfied with our work and service. We have a very active social media presence on Facebook and Instagram. We try to engage with our customers and provide them with the best experience possible. We also have a very detailed furniture repair blog on our website that has a lot of information and advice for people who want to learn about furniture repair.
We have a very high level of customer satisfaction. We have been in business for over 15 years now and we are still in business. Our customers are very satisfied with our work and we do not believe that any other company can offer the quality of service we provide. We are committed to providing you with the best service possible. We believe that our customers deserve the best and will always be treated with respect from us. We strive to provide you with the best furniture repair service possible.
We have an extensive network of local dealers who provide us with excellent customer service and knowledgeable advice on how to repair your recliner or other furniture. We also have a large network of other local dealers who can help you find good parts needed for your furniture repair if there is any other question about your furniture repair, please contact us at 1-916-701-0000. Our goal in working for you, our customers, is to give you the best experience possible so that you can enjoy your recliner for Please read our Google and Yelp Reviews below and schedule an appointment over the phone or via email. Don’t hesitate and schedule a visit with our Expert furniture repair technician today.

Find the Best Furniture Repair Technician in Your Area

‍Furniture repair is more than just fixing a broken chair leg or a torn seat. It can involve an entire suite of services, from reupholstering to repairing antique tables. When it comes to furniture repair, the details matter. If you find the right technician, your furniture will look and feel brand new in no time. If you don’t search, your furniture could end up damaged further or left unhelpfully “repaired.” What you need is a trusted resource for finding the best furniture repair technician in your area. These professionals have the training and experience to make minor repairs on sofas, chairs, and dining tables – you name it! Thankfully, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best places to find these specialists so you can get back to enjoying your furniture again sooner rather than later.

Hiring a Professional for Furniture Repair

Before you start contacting furniture repair specialists, you should make sure you understand what furniture repair entails. Repairing a chair with a torn seat, for example, generally involves replacing the seat cover and possibly the padding inside. Many chairs are stapled or glued to the frame, so more invasive repair techniques are not really an option. Reupholstering a sofa, on the other hand, can be much more complicated. Depending on the type of fabric and style of the sofa, you may need to remove the entire piece of furniture in order to reupholster it properly. If you’re not sure what your furniture needs, it’s a good idea to ask a technician before scheduling repairs. This will help you avoid being overcharged or charged for unnecessary work. The last thing you want when hiring a furniture repair specialist is to receive poor work. The best furniture repair technicians will be honest about what work needs to be done and should offer you a clear timeline for when the repairs will be completed. If a technician tries to rush the process or is overly optimistic about how long it will take, you should be wary. This could be a sign that the repairman is less experienced.

Finding a Reputable Repair Specialist

If you know the type of furniture you need to be repaired, you can start browsing online furniture repair directories. Unfortunately, these directories are not regulated, which means you cannot be certain which services are legitimate. You can, however, try to find a repairman who is listed under the Better Business Bureau or the National Association of Furniture Repair Specialists (NAFRS). These organizations are not strict regulations like the BBB; however, they do provide a list of reputable furniture repair specialists in your area. If you do come across a repairman who is not listed on these sites, you can use some general guidelines to help you determine if they are a reputable service. If the business is listed in the phone book or has a working website, this is a good sign. You should also try to find reviews for the business online and look for any red flags.

NAA And NAFA Certified Repairers

You can also try searching for NAA or NAFA-certified furniture repair technicians. These certifications indicate that a professional has met an agreed-upon standard of excellence and has been vetted by their peers. NAA is the National Association of the Amish while NAFA is the National Association of Furniture Arts, both organizations are designed to support and promote the best practices in furniture restoration and repair. These organizations represent thousands of certified furniture repair technicians in the United States, many of whom work out of their homes. While there is no guarantee that NAA or NAFA certified technicians will offer the best service in your area, they are more likely to be reputable businesses than unrated businesses. If you do come across an NAA or NAFA-certified furniture repair technician in your area, it may be worth calling to see if they can assist you with your repairs.

Your Local Furniture Co-op or Workshop

If you’re looking for more than just a seat reupholstered or a table repaired, you might want to think about reaching out to a furniture co-op. These collectives provide members with discounted furniture and repair services. Many of these co-ops do not do repairs themselves, but they can help you find a reputable furniture repair specialist in your area. You can also ask around at work, as many offices have a furniture co-op where employees can get discounted furniture and repairs. You can also try searching online for local furniture co-ops or workshops. Some furniture repair workshops even have online directories where customers can find repair specialists in their area.

Other Places to Find Repairs Professionals

If you think you need more than just a simple repair, you might want to consider hiring a full-service furniture store. Many of these shops offer repair services as part of their regular business. They may also have a webpage where customers can post repair job requests. You can also try searching online for furniture designers in your area. Many designers have repair technicians on staff or on retainer. You can find furniture designers in your area by searching online or through your local chamber of commerce. You can also try posting a job request on a freelancer’s website. There are several online marketplaces designed specifically for finding furniture repair specialists. If you have time to spare, this is a good way to hire a technician without having to sift through local listings.


Furniture repair is a specialized skill that should be done by a professional. Doing it yourself or hiring an amateur to repair your furniture may cause more harm than good. When it comes to furniture repair, the details matter. If you find the right technician, your furniture will look and feel brand new in no time. If you hire an unqualified repairman, however, your furniture could end up damaged further or left unhelpfully “repaired.” When you are setting up an appointment with a furniture repair specialist, make sure you know exactly what repairs need to be done and what the cost of each repair will be. You should also set up a timeline for when the repairs need to be completed and be prepared to follow up with your repair technician if they are not finished on time.

Recliner Repair

The next time you have a recliner problem, don’t hesitate to call Number2project. We’re experts in repairing electric and manual recliners. 

Sofa Repair

For fast and mobile sofa repair, call Number2project. Our Technicians will fix all types of sofas and couches with professional care.

Kitchen Refacing

Your kitchen is looking a little tired and needs an upgrade. Why not change the look of your cabinets with just one easy refacing without breaking bank. 

Furniture Repair

We offer mobile furniture repair in Sacramento Metro Area. This is the most convenient service provided to customers needed any type of furniture repair. 

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Restoring old antique furniture is part of the services provided. Thanks to the experience gained in the last fifteen years, we can perfectly recreate the old furniture. 

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Have you been dreaming about a new kitchen? For kitchen installation, simply send us the specifications, you’ll be amazed at how quickly we respond. 

Furniture Assembly

We provide an assembly service that can take care of everything, so there’s no need to worry about hiring someone else or spending even more time doing it yourself! 

Cabinet Resizing

We can resize your cabinets in no time. Our team will also change up any furniture that might no longer fit into its original location so contact us today. 

Insurance Estimates

We provide professional estimates for insurance purposes due to furniture damage, so you can be sure that your claim will be processed quickly and successfully!