Recliner Repair

We at Number2project offer a wide range of mobile furniture repair services in Sacramento Area. From vintage dresser restoration to custom cabinetry and build ins. We are experts in reclining chairs and sofa repairs. We are specializing in kitchen installation and refacing of aged cabinets. Our technicians meet complete furniture knowledge requirements and follow all safety measures related to covid-19. We are the highest customer-rated mobile furniture repair company in the Sacramento. We guarantee 100% satisfaction and provide a half-year warranty for all our services. We are fully insured and bonded. Want to know more about our expertise and rates? Or do you have some other concerns with your furniture? Give us a call



Recliner has always been my favorite piece of furniture in our home. Nothing is more enjoyable than watching your favorite movie in a comfortable reclining chair. 135-degree reclining position put the least stress on the spine and may reduce the risk of back pain. Of the estimated 87 million American households, an estimated 24 million households have recliner chairs in them. This makes the repair of recliners one of the most popular in the furniture industry. Number2project repairs three to five recliners each week. A thorough analysis and selection of parts allows for quick and inexpensive repair of the recliner. A quick delivery from Amazon is a great help, which means that your recliner is repaired and ready for good movie nights after a week from the diagnosis. Recliners account for a large percentage of our repairs because there is a shortage of technicians for their repair on the American market. Do not wait too long to repair it and order our service today. Remember that life can be comfortable with a properly functioning recliner in your home. Recliners are one of the most popular pieces of furniture in American households, but they can be expensive to repair. Number2project offers a quick and affordable solution to your recliner repair needs. Our team of experienced technicians will diagnose the problem and select the necessary parts for your specific recliner model. We pride ourselves on our quick delivery and excellent customer service. So, don’t wait any longer to get your recliner fixed – order our service today!

recliner armchair springs repair in Arden-Arcade, Ca by Number2project mobile furniture repair and refinishing services in Sacramento

We provide all and beyond type of Recliner Repairs:

  • Electric Recliner Repair

  • Manual Recliner Repair

  • Recliner Loveseat Repair

  • Reclining Chair Repair

  • Actuator Repair (motor repair)

  • Switch Button Repair

  • Wire Problems Fix

  • Recliner Remote Repair

  • Recliner Wooden Frame Repair

  • Reclining Mechanism Repair and Modifictaions

Recliner Repair

Recliner Parts:

1. Outside Back
2. Inside Back
3. Covered Buttons
4. Left Side Facing Wing
5. Right Side Facing Top/Inside Arm
6. Left Side Facing Stump Panel
7. Inside Seat Cushions
8. Ottoman
9. Left Side Facing Outside Arm
10. Back Skirt
11. Skirt Welt
12. Left Side Facing Skirt
13. Seat Flap (Open Chair)
14. Chaise Pad
15. Back Frame
16. Top Rail
17. Left Side Facing Wing (Frame)
18. Left Side Facing Back Post
19. Back Tack Rail Puller
20. Left Side Facing Top Arm Rail
21. Left Side Facing Rear Arm Stump
22. Left Side Facing Bottom Arm Rail
23. Handle
24. Left Side Facing Front Arm Stump
25. Left Side Facing Ottoman Former
26. Ottoman Board

27. Left Side Facing Side Seat Rail
28. Front Seat Spring Rail
29. Rear Seat Spring Rail
30. Boarder Wire
31. Seat Spring
32. Inside Back Spring
33. Back Kidney Rail
34. Cover
35. Slick Fiber
36. Back Foam
37. Seat Foam Cushion
38. Bonded Fiber
41. Foam Ottoman Pad
42. Arm Foam
Complete Mechanism
Left Side Facing Mechanism
Right Facing Mechanism
Rocker Cam
Rocker Base
Rocker Springs
Front Scissor Springs
Handle Tube
KD Brackets
Cross Bars

Top Rated Experts in Recliner Repair in Sacramento Area

With so much going on, it’s normal to feel stressed from time to time. When you just can’t relax and unwind, a recliner chair might be just the thing for you. This type of chair is perfect for relaxing at home after a long day at work or school. However, if your recliner has a defect or something breaks down with its mechanism, you may not be able to use it anymore. There are many different types of recliners out there and they may all have different features. You can identify a recliner by checking the armrests and determining whether they tilt back when you sit in them. If this sounds like something that would benefit your home, read on to find out more about the best places to look for them as well as how much they cost.