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Recliner Repair

The next time you have a recliner problem, don’t hesitate to call Number2project. We’re experts in repairing electric and manual recliners. 

Sofa Repair

For fast and mobile sofa repair, call Number2project. Our Technicians will fix all types of sofas and couches with professional care.

Kitchen Refacing

Your kitchen is looking a little tired and needs an upgrade. Why not change the look of your cabinets with just one easy refacing without breaking bank. 

Furniture Repair

We offer mobile furniture repair in Sacramento Metro Area. This is the most convenient service provided to customers needed any type of furniture repair. 

Furniture Restoration

Restoring old antique furniture is part of the services provided. Thanks to the experience gained in the last fifteen years, we can perfectly recreate the old furniture. 

Kitchen Installation

Have you been dreaming about a new kitchen? For kitchen installation, simply send us the specifications, you’ll be amazed at how quickly we respond. 

Furniture Assembly

We provide an assembly service that can take care of everything, so there’s no need to worry about hiring someone else or spending even more time doing it yourself! 

Cabinet Resizing

We can resize your cabinets in no time. Our team will also change up any furniture that might no longer fit into its original location so contact us today. 

Insurance Estimates

We provide professional estimates for insurance purposes due to furniture damage, so you can be sure that your claim will be processed quickly and successfully! 

All Mobile Sofa and Recliner Repair Services List

Electric Recliner Repair
Manual Recliner Repair
La-Z-Boy Recliner Repair
Recliner Frame Rebuild
Recliner Frame Repair
Recliner Springs Replacement
Custom Recliner Builts
Recliner Switch Button Repair
Recliner Parts For Sale
Upholstery Repair
Wooden Frame Repair

Sofa Restoration and Refinishing
Antique Sofa Restoration
Manual and Electric Recliner Repair
Custom Recliner builds
Sofa Recliner Resizing
Sofa Recliner Repairs
Custom Sofa Upholstery
Recliner Parts installations
Manual Recliner Parts
Electric Recliner Parts
Manual Recliner Parts 

Recliner Frame Modifications
Recliner Frame Replacement
Wooden Frame Rebuilt
Damaged Springs Replacement
La-Z-Boy Diagnostics
Lift Chair Repair
Lift Chair Parts
Lift Chair Motors
Lift Chair Diagnostics
Over the Phone Diagnostics
Over the Phone Tech Support

Number2Project: Recliner Repair and Mobile Furniture Restoration in Sacramento

In a bustling hub like Sacramento, the indispensable requirement for convenience harmonizes seamlessly with the unparalleled mobile furniture and recliner repair services provided by Number2Project. Situated in the heart of the city, this establishment is renowned for its exceptional craftsmanship in breathing new life into recliners and other furniture. Let’s delve into the myriad of services provided by this enterprise.

Pioneering Recliner Repair Solutions in Sacramento

Number2Project boasts a team of craftsmen proficient in addressing a wide spectrum of issues afflicting recliners, be it vintage or contemporary models. Their recliner repair services encompass a broad range from fixing handles to rectifying intricate electrical faults, with a pledge of unparalleled expertise.

Seasoned Technicians Catering to Recliner Repair Needs

The enterprise is home to seasoned technicians skilled in deciphering a wide array of recliner issues swiftly and precisely. The recliner repair personnel are trained rigorously to deal with complex repairs including motor problems, promising efficiency and expertise in every project undertaken.

Bespoke Recliner Restoration Services

Adopting a client-centric approach, Number2Project offers recliner repair solutions tailored to resonate with your aesthetic preferences, melding the charm of bygone eras with contemporary flair, thereby crafting pieces that are a testament to your unique style.

Holistic Sofa and Couch Recliner Repair

The firm extends its recliner repair prowess to encompass sofa and couch repairs, affirming an unrivaled standard of care for every furniture type. They undertake fabric mending to comprehensive overhauls, ensuring the epitome of perfection in each endeavor.

Expertise in Leather Recliner Repairs

Leather recliner repairs necessitate a meticulous approach, a hallmark of Number2Project’s skilled professionals. The team guarantees masterpieces, rekindling the grandeur of your leather recliners with unmatched expertise.

Premier Upholstery Recliner Repair Services

Number2Project excels in upholstery recliner repair services, characterized by precision and supreme craftsmanship. Leveraging high-quality materials, they rejuvenate your furniture, promising an amalgamation of durability and aesthetic appeal.

Readily Available Recliner Spare Parts

To expedite the recliner repair process, Number2Project maintains a substantial inventory of recliner spare parts, ensuring swift service without compromising on quality, thus reviving your furniture to its optimal condition promptly.

Comprehensive Recliner Frame and Mechanic Repairs

The mechanics at Number2Project are adept at unraveling the underlying issues of recliners, providing services that transcend superficial repairs, thereby offering holistic solutions that cater to the core of the problems.

Reliable Power Recliner Repair Services

The skilled team adeptly navigates the complexities of power recliner repairs, instilling confidence that even the most modern and sophisticated furniture pieces are in competent hands.

Versatile Reclining Chair Repair Services

The skilled team adeptly navigates the complexities of power recliner repairs, instilling confidence that even the most modern and sophisticated furniture pieces are in competent hands.

The Convenience of Mobile Recliner Repair Service

Elevating the recliner repair industry with mobile services, Number2Project pledges undisturbed comfort throughout the repair process, introducing the luxury of at-home service to all clients in Sacramento.


Number2Project emerges as a beacon of mastery in the recliner repair landscape in Sacramento, offering a rich portfolio of services spearheaded by veteran professionals. Reach out to immerse yourself in a realm where expertise marries convenience, rejuvenating your cherished furniture pieces to their former glory. Opt for Number2Project — where every recliner repair project morphs into a masterpiece rejuvenated.

recliner armchair springs repair in Arden-Arcade, Ca by Number2project mobile furniture repair and refinishing services in Sacramento

We provide all and beyond type of Recliner Repairs:

  • Electric Recliner Repair

  • Manual Recliner Repair

  • Recliner Loveseat Repair

  • Reclining Chair Repair

  • Actuator Repair (motor repair)

  • Switch Button Repair

  • Wire Problems Fix

  • Recliner Remote Repair

  • Recliner Wooden Frame Repair

  • Reclining Mechanism Repair and Modifictaions

Recliner Repair

Recliner Parts:

1. Outside Back
2. Inside Back
3. Covered Buttons
4. Left Side Facing Wing
5. Right Side Facing Top/Inside Arm
6. Left Side Facing Stump Panel
7. Inside Seat Cushions
8. Ottoman
9. Left Side Facing Outside Arm
10. Back Skirt
11. Skirt Welt
12. Left Side Facing Skirt
13. Seat Flap (Open Chair)
14. Chaise Pad
15. Back Frame
16. Top Rail
17. Left Side Facing Wing (Frame)
18. Left Side Facing Back Post
19. Back Tack Rail Puller
20. Left Side Facing Top Arm Rail
21. Left Side Facing Rear Arm Stump
22. Left Side Facing Bottom Arm Rail
23. Handle
24. Left Side Facing Front Arm Stump
25. Left Side Facing Ottoman Former
26. Ottoman Board

27. Left Side Facing Side Seat Rail
28. Front Seat Spring Rail
29. Rear Seat Spring Rail
30. Boarder Wire
31. Seat Spring
32. Inside Back Spring
33. Back Kidney Rail
34. Cover
35. Slick Fiber
36. Back Foam
37. Seat Foam Cushion
38. Bonded Fiber
41. Foam Ottoman Pad
42. Arm Foam
Complete Mechanism
Left Side Facing Mechanism
Right Facing Mechanism
Rocker Cam
Rocker Base
Rocker Springs
Front Scissor Springs
Handle Tube
KD Brackets
Cross Bars

1. Undone power plugs or wires

If you recently moved your recliner around, there is a chance that it might have disconnected or loosened from the power plug. Even though this problem may not seem Serious at first glance but in reality can cause malfunctions of all kinds depending on how severe damages are near either end with nothing else changed happening along their way! It only takes one connection being completely broken for things to go downhill fast so keep an eye out when moving furniture–especially electric ones

2. Damage due to power surges

Unfortunately, power surges are pretty common and can be very damaging to sensitive electric devices. If you’re lucky it’s only the engine’s transformer that has fried due a surge in voltage from your wall outlet or charger; however this may mean there is no juice going into one side of an recliner motor-so check first before assuming everything else intact!

3. Broken internal wires

When your recliner’s backseat or footrest suddenly stops working, it’s usually a sign that an electrical wire has become damaged somewhere inside the recliner. The wire may have become pinched inside the machine while you were opening or closing it. To fix the problem, first check for any exposed or frayed wires. If you find any, replace them with new ones. If you can’t find the problem, call a professional to take a look at it.

4. Problems with actuator and control parts

The recliner’s motor could be the cause of your problem. As you can imagine, there are many parts that come into contact with this device and if any one goes out it will affect others as well! The more features a recliner has, the harder it is to keep running. If you want your favorite chair back but can’t stand by for long periods of time because one part needs replacing or fixing—think about what would happen if all those vital parts were broken down at once! It might be worth getting yourself an entirely new model instead so that way nothing breaks while waiting on repairs.

5. Contacting a professional

What can you do if your recliner is not working? If after trying the reset button and other quick-fix methods, nothing was successful in resolving this issue with yours then there’s probably time for professional help. The fastest way to get it from a seller or manufacturer would be contacting them directly through their customer support team – they will have all information needed on how best suit each individual situation!