Custom Furniture



Every house has kitchen, and every kitchen has cabinets. The kitchen must not only be functional but also beautiful, which is why it is called the heart of the home. It is in the kitchen that we spend most of our active time, where we prepare the tastiest meals in the company of our loved ones. Granite or quartz countertop and the view of beautifully crafted kitchen cabinets increase the value of the entire house by tens of thousands of dollars. It is said that the kitchen is the most expensive project of the entire home. Let us design this beautiful part of your house and install your kitchen cabinets. The production of such a large amount of kitchen furniture takes a very long time, which makes the kitchen remodeling a very long and expensive project. Installing kitchen cabinets takes an average of one to several weeks depending on the size, availability of materials on the market and the speed of their delivery. Our experienced technicians will be dedicated to assist you in this task. Please contact us for soonest availability and installation cost.

Custom Furniture Maker

Custom-made furniture is no longer a sign of luxury. In the era of covid-19, which caused global delays in the delivery of furniture, which increased the prices of furniture on the market. The quality of imported furniture also means that custom-made furniture has been appreciated by customers all over the world. Number2project offers custom furniture made of materials available on the local market. The design of the furniture is consulted between the client and our designer before it reaches the hands of a qualified craftsman. Consult our designer or bring your uploaded design and let us do the rest. Designing and making custom-made furniture is a time-consuming process, but the effect and quality are incomparable to furniture available in stores. If you dream of a unique piece, contact us and let us be a part of the story in your home. You might be surprised to learn that custom furniture is more durable than store-bought items. Better yet, it’s an excellent investment because you’ll get decades of use out of your beautiful new pieces! Not only are these creations made with care and attention but also at a much lower price point – meaning there will never again need for replacement or recovery in case something goes wrong on one piece. And if we’re talking cost savings then wait until this sinks into perspective: Custom made saves both time AND money; what could possibly beat THAT?

custom media cabinets in Sacramento, Ca

Custom Solid Maple Media Cabinet Built in Sacramento, Ca

This Custom Furniture Solid Maple Media Cabinet is a one-of-a-kind custom furniture piece that is built from solid California maple. The cabinet is made of the highest quality solid wood, and is finished with a hand rubbed oil finish. The cabinet features a solid wood drawers with fixed shelves, and was fully customizable to fit our customer needs. This Solid Maple Media Cabinet can accommodate just about any size radio, TV or other Media equipment. They also come in a wide range of custom sizes to fit your space. The Solid Maple Media Cabinet can be customized to suit any style, from traditional to modern or custom. In addition to being used for storing entertainment equipment, the Solid Maple Media Cabinet can be used as a decorative piece in your home or office. It’s a great addition to any room of the house no matter what style you’re looking for.


This custom furniture piece was built in West Sacramento, Ca for on of our good clients, it’s futures shaker style doors with soft close hinges and hidden adjustable shelves. Above we hanged two floating shelves made out of solid wood. Choosing the right furniture for your home can be a challenge. Whether it’s picking the right chairs to go with your dining table, or finding the perfect bed to fit your style, there are plenty of decisions to make. When it comes to furniture, one of the most important things to consider is whether you want to buy custom furniture or pre-made options. While both have their pros and cons, custom furniture tends to be more expensive than its pre-made counterparts, which can make it difficult for some people to afford. On the other hand, custom furniture is often more durable and tailored to your specific needs, so it can feel like a better value in the long run. That said, there are plenty of good reasons to consider buying custom furniture if you can swing it. For one thing, you’ll be supporting a local business that’s invested in your community. And if you’re looking for something more specialized (like a storage bench that fits under a kitchen island), custom options can be much easier to find and order than pre-made alternatives.

Custom Furniture Built-In Cabinet in Midtown Sacramento, Ca

We put together this custom furniture piece for one of our clients in Midtown Sacramento, Ca. It took us a week to build and finish this beautiful cabinetry. Custom built-in furniture is one of the most cost effective ways to add value to your home. It can be a great way to add privacy, organize your living space and create an elegant look in your home. There are many different types of custom built-in furniture available today, including built-in bookshelves, built-in desks and tables, built-in cabinets, built-in shelving units and more. Many stores also offer custom made furniture that can be made to fit any size or shape of room. If you’re in need of some new furniture for your home but don’t want to break the bank, custom built-in furniture may be the solution you need.
The benefits of custom built-in furniture include: * Minimal maintenance – The surfaces of custom built-in furniture are usually made from wood or stone, which means they require minimal maintenance. * Organized space – With custom built-In furniture you can easily organize your living space by storing items like books and toys in shelves or cabinets. * Custom design – You can choose the style of custom built-In furniture that best fits with your decor and personal taste.

Custom Live Edge Coffee Table built in Citrus Heights

This piece of wooden round was  special for our client because remembered her father. We add a little bit of hart and skills to turn this live round slab into the coffee table. If you’re looking for something unique, custom live edge furniture is a great option. You can create anything from conference rooms tables to dining sets, and they’ll look like nothing else on the market. If you’re looking to add a unique element to your home, custom furniture made out of the wood slabs is a great way to do it. It’s also a great way to build relationships with local professionals. Plus, your new furniture will look great in your home. Custom furniture is perfect for those looking for something special. The options are endless, and you can customize it to your liking. It’s an excellent way of making a statement without breaking the bank. If you’re looking for something unique, custom furniture is a great option.

custom pull out drawers in Granite Bay, Ca

Custom Pull Out Drawers in Granite Bay, Ca

Custom Pull Out drawers built for our client in Granite Bay, Ca A custom pull out storage drawer built for a client in Granite Bay, CA. The drawers were built to fit perfectly into the space and to accommodate a wide variety of items. Each drawer is made from 1/2” thick Baltic Birch plywood and covered with durable water based finish.. The drawers also have hidden track systems that allow them to slide in and out of the space easily. The project was finished in April 2021 and was a huge success! 

Custom Farmhouse Style Pantry Area in Loomis, Ca

This custom pantry area was built in Loomis, Ca. Project filled empty space under the stairs and made this room functional again with a little twist of French country style. If you are looking to build a pantry under the stairs, there are a few things that you need to consider. First of all, make sure that you have enough space to store all of your food items in one place. You also want to make sure that the location is secure and well-lit. Finally, make sure that you choose a durable and attractive design for your pantry under the stairs.
There are many options for building a pantry under the stairs. The most common approach is to install shelving underneath the stairs and then install a door on one side of the wall. This allows you to access your food items without having to go upstairs. Another option is to install a rolling cart under the stairs and then install shelves above it. This allows you to quickly move food items from one storage area to another.
Whatever design you choose, make sure that it is both functional and attractive.

Recliner Repair

The next time you have a recliner problem, don’t hesitate to call Number2project. We’re experts in repairing electric and manual recliners. 

Sofa Repair

For fast and mobile sofa repair, call Number2project. Our Technicians will fix all types of sofas and couches with professional care.

Kitchen Refacing

Your kitchen is looking a little tired and needs an upgrade. Why not change the look of your cabinets with just one easy refacing without breaking bank. 

Furniture Repair

We offer mobile furniture repair in Sacramento Metro Area. This is the most convenient service provided to customers needed any type of furniture repair. 

Furniture Restoration

Restoring old antique furniture is part of the services provided. Thanks to the experience gained in the last fifteen years, we can perfectly recreate the old furniture. 

Kitchen Installation

Have you been dreaming about a new kitchen? For kitchen installation, simply send us the specifications, you’ll be amazed at how quickly we respond. 

Furniture Assembly

We provide an assembly service that can take care of everything, so there’s no need to worry about hiring someone else or spending even more time doing it yourself! 

Cabinet Resizing

We can resize your cabinets in no time. Our team will also change up any furniture that might no longer fit into its original location so contact us today. 

Insurance Estimates

We provide professional estimates for insurance purposes due to furniture damage, so you can be sure that your claim will be processed quickly and successfully!