Furniture Restoration



Restoring old antique furniture is part of the services provided by number2project. Thanks to the experience gained in the last fifteen years, we can perfectly recreate the old furniture in accordance with the appearance and standards in the years in which it was made. The careful selection of wooden veneers and stains is key to restoring old furniture. The exact selection of the finishes used in the given years is conducive to proper renovation. Number2project has restored thousands of vintage and antique furniture pieces from all over the world. Our specialty is the renovation of mid-century modern furniture. If you are interested in restoring your vintage or antique furniture, please contact us for a free estimate. We know that not every antique is a designer piece and some can be restored for very reasonable costs. We work hard at keeping our prices fair, so you don’t have to break the bank or take out second mortgages on your house just because of one item! Restoring your home furnishing and cabinetry to its original state is our priority. We offer a wide range of services, from simple repairs all the way up through complete renovations-whatever you need! We can help you fix or replace damaged veneer, hinges and locks on your furniture. We also offer polishing to remove scratches from old summarizing its natural beauty back before it was Damaged in an accident! For those who don’t want their upholstery done at the same time as restoring wood pieces of desk try contacting us about setting up separate appointments for each service depending how much work needs done by our skilled staff

Mid-Century Modern Coffee table and End Table Restoration

Mid-Century Modern Danish teak end table and coffee table restoration in Arden Arcade, Ca. We provide best mid century furniture restoration services in Sacramento Area and beyond. We are specializing in Danish teak furniture restoration since 2007. We restored 1000’s of unique teak, walnut retro furniture pieces from all over the world. With over 20 years of experience, our Sacramento furniture restoration services are the best in the area. We offer a wide range of services to help you restore your furniture and keep it looking like new for years to come. From basic repairs to more complex refinishing and reupholstering, we can handle it all. We can even repair damaged or worn out parts so that your furniture looks like new again. Whatever your furniture needs, we’re ready to take on the task. We are fully equipped with the tools and materials needed to complete any type of repair, be it small or large. We also have access to a full range of finishes and colors so that we can match your furniture exactly. Our Sacramento furniture restoration services give you a comfortable place to relax while you wait for your piece to be restored. Our Sacramento furniture restoration services are affordable too, so there’s no need to worry about cost. Take comfort in knowing that your investment is in good hands, and you can rest easy knowing that your furniture will look like new again.

Vintage Chair Restoration in Orangevale, Ca

This vintage chair was brought to us in pieces. We fully repaired and restored this retro chair to the previous condition for our client in Orangvale, Ca. We can handle any type of furniture repair, from simple fixes to more extensive restoration and reupholstering. We can even restore damaged or worn-out parts to make your furniture look like new again. We are prepared to handle any sort of furniture issue. If you require assistance, we can handle it. We have everything we need to carry out any sort of repair, whether it’s small or large. We also have a wide range of colors and finishes so that we can match your furniture accurately. You may wait for your furniture to be restored in Sacramento while you relax in a comfortable environment. 

Antique Buffet Restoration in Fair Oaks, Ca

This Antique Louis XVI nicely veneered buffet was restore for one of our good clients in Fair Oaks, Ca. This piece was cracked in few places. We brought it back to live in few hours. Antique Furniture Restoration requires patient and experience that we have working with antique and vintage furniture pieces. We can handle all kinds of furniture repairs and refurbishing. We can even restore worn down parts so that your furniture looks like new again. We’re prepared to take care of any issue you might have with your furniture. Whatever you require, we can handle it. We have everything we need to finish any type of repair, whether it’s small or large. We also have a wide range of finishes and colors available so that we can match your furniture perfectly. While you wait for your furniture to be repaired, you may relax in comfort at our Sacramento furniture restoration business.

Dresser and End Tables Full Restoration in Davis, Ca

Dresser and End Tables full restoration project in Davis, Ca. It took 5 days to fully refinished this beautiful set to the highest customer expectation. We specializing in this type of furniture restoration, and enjoy the fresh look of your restored furniture. Bedroom dressers and end tables are the perfect example of a piece of furniture that is often overlooked during restoration. The truth is, many bedroom furniture pieces can be restored in a number of different ways. First, you can use a polyurethane or polyvinyl spray to give them a fresh new look. Second, you can remove the hardware and paint it all one color. Or third, you can try to restore the piece using other materials like metal or wood.
There is no right or wrong way to restore bedroom furniture pieces. What matters most is that you pick something that you like and that fits your style. If you are looking for more ideas on how to restore bedroom dressers read our blog post here

Entertaining Center Restoration in Folsom, Ca

We restored this damaged entertaining center for one of our clients in Folsom, Ca. It has lots of water damage, different paint colors laying all over the top bottom part of the piece of furniture. Scratched finish looked very bed. We brought the second life to this piece with affordable price. There’s nothing like a home that’s well-designed and feels welcoming. But as time goes on and kids, pets, and guests come and go, that sense of welcome can start to fade, leaving you with furniture that’s in need of restoration. That’s where a Number2project furniture restoration company can help. These professionals are trained to take care of all types of wood furniture—from antique dining sets to distressed cabriole legs—so you don’t have to worry about the upkeep or repairs. They can also help you choose the best stain, finish, and color options for your space. As a result, you’ll be able to create a space that reflects your personal style while still feeling comfortable and inviting for all who visit.

Water Damage Kitchen Sink Cabinet Restoration in Rocklin

This kitchen sink cabinet was restored by Number2project after severe water damage caused by leaking garbage disposal in Fair Oaks, Ca. Our customer was very satisfied with the restoration. We have installed pull out drawer on the top of the bottom self for easy access to all the cleaning supplies. Cabinet was restored with A grade Baltic birch plywood which is finished from the both sides for perfect clean up and smooth surface. The kitchen is often one of the first areas to experience water damage, either from an overflowing sink or a faulty faucet. It’s important to be prepared for anything when it comes to a garbage disposal or countertop leak, which can lead to mold and other bacteria buildup. If you suspect that there’s any water damage, fix the problem as soon as possible.
The best way to deal with water damage in a kitchen cabinet is simple: dry it out. Start by removing all the contents and cleaning all surfaces thoroughly. Use a dehumidifier if necessary, and make sure that the area stays at least 50 percent humidity throughout the process. Once your cabinets are clean and dry, seal them with caulk or contact cement to prevent future moisture intrusion. Call professional services if the damage need farther repair.

Recliner Repair

The next time you have a recliner problem, don’t hesitate to call Number2project. We’re experts in repairing electric and manual recliners. 

Sofa Repair

For fast and mobile sofa repair, call Number2project. Our Technicians will fix all types of sofas and couches with professional care.

Kitchen Refacing

Your kitchen is looking a little tired and needs an upgrade. Why not change the look of your cabinets with just one easy refacing without breaking bank. 

Furniture Repair

We offer mobile furniture repair in Sacramento Metro Area. This is the most convenient service provided to customers needed any type of furniture repair. 

Furniture Restoration

Restoring old antique furniture is part of the services provided. Thanks to the experience gained in the last fifteen years, we can perfectly recreate the old furniture. 

Kitchen Installation

Have you been dreaming about a new kitchen? For kitchen installation, simply send us the specifications, you’ll be amazed at how quickly we respond. 

Furniture Assembly

We provide an assembly service that can take care of everything, so there’s no need to worry about hiring someone else or spending even more time doing it yourself! 

Cabinet Resizing

We can resize your cabinets in no time. Our team will also change up any furniture that might no longer fit into its original location so contact us today. 

Insurance Estimates

We provide professional estimates for insurance purposes due to furniture damage, so you can be sure that your claim will be processed quickly and successfully!